YOU (Feat. 선미) by B1A4

Album: SOLO DAY (솔로 데이)
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K-Song Of The Day | B1A4- "YOU" (Feat. Sunmi)

B1A4’s music has really evolved through their career and I feel as if this song as well as their other music from the “SOLO DAY”, “WHO AM I”, and their other mini’s ever since “In The Wind” has really proved that.  I love that all  the members gets a chance to participate in their album whereas elsewhere companies doesn’t really allow much of their idols to get involved. This is a nice sweet song about being with the one you love. It features Sunmi (24Hrs) and it’s nice little addition. The entire “Solo Day” mini album is filled with good songs that showcases the talent/hardwork, that B1A4 as a group, had a hand in. It’s a joy as a fan to hear their work and I look forward to listen to more of their future work.

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talkative wang *

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Man Up by Omarion ft. Rain

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This piece of musical gold I feel is necessary to share.



Imma act like this aint happen goodbye

Still trying to figure out when this happened…0_0

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Jongin and his new accessory 

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seventeen of ? chapters of blondkai dedicated panegyric.

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